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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Vannucci Family

Meet the Vannucci family. This family is very close to my heart! I have been best friends with Tamra for 16 years!! I love all of them! They are such good caring people! 
On Friday, May 22nd, Tamra and Tony were enjoying the morning together while the girls were in school and there was a terrible accident. Tony was paragliding (which he has done several times before and loved to do) while Tamra was on the ground taking a video. Something went terribly wrong and he fell 100 feet from the sky. Both of his legs and feet are badly broken as well as his collar bone. His chin split open and he was badly bruised and scrapped up. Tamra called 911 and they sent flight for life to take him to the nearest hospital where they immediately started surgery to repair only the bones that were protruding from his body. Due to so much internal bleeding they had to remove his intestines until the bleeding was under control and then put them back in.. He is currently under a medically induced coma because his pain levels are so high while he is awake that his body is not handling it very well.. We still know very little details about what is to come, but we do know that his recovery is going to be very long and he will need a lot of help. Once some of the swelling goes down there will be several more surgeries to try to repair his legs and feet. Please pray for him and his family! If there is any amount that you are able to donate to help this family I would greatly appreciate it!!! Every dollar adds up!! I will continue to keep all of you updated as much as I can. Thank you!

I want to first say thank you so much to all of you for all your support! I spoke with Tamra briefly this morning and here is the update she sent me once we hung up...
" He is doing okay today. They removed the breathing tube and they are supporting him with oxygen at the moment. He is a little groggy and still does not remember much about what happened or where he is, but we are reminding him and loving on him. He is going in for an MRI today to check his neck and spine and see if they are okay before they remove the neck collar. He also has to go get a CT on his left leg because it is red and swollen and they want to make sure everything is okay with it and there is no infection. Surgery to fix his feet will most likely be sometime next week... Not sure yet.
I will continue to keep you all updated as much as I can!! Please continue to like this link and share it!!

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