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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love and Logic Day #20

Day 20

We want kids THINKING about and owning their problems. Often, it's a matter of ASKING them what they are going to do about it instead of TELLING them.

Stay classy... when there is a conflict. That way, your kids will see how to stay classy when there is a conflict.

"If you don't clean up, I'm not taking you." can become:
"I'll take you as soon as you clean up."

Celebrate you kids' successes - big and small.

We know that giving kids everything they want is bad for them.

Expecting kids to work & earn things they desire sends messages that they are capable and will enhance self-concept.

"We could change the world if we all intentionally modeled for our children the constant value of helping others."
~ Unknown

Too much rescuing sends messages that say, "You are fragile and need to be rescued."

"Today, my kids are going to help. They will contribute even if they complain at 1st and even if they don't do things exactly like I do."

"I tend to do extra things for people who treat me with respect."

Some of the most powerful messages in the world have little to do with the actual words spoken.


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