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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Love and Logic Day #21

Day 21
No parent should put up with bad behavior. Allowing kids to misbehave is very damaging to them. They think they are incapable of controlling themselves.

Children whose parents provide no limits or controls become very insecure. 

Just because a child cries or has a fit doesn’t mean that parents are wrong or needs to give in.

No rewards come to parents who are not willing to pay the price.  Stand firm in the consequences of your child’s actions that you have given.

It is never too late to change a behavior pattern.

Make your words Gold not Garbage.

Never tell a child to do something unless you intend to follow through.

When child refuses to obey, take them by the hand to another location, lower your voice and tell them that that is enough, and what you expect them to do.  Then say, do you think it would be wise for you to continue acting that way?  Get back in there and show me that you can behave.  Thank you!

When you can’t think of a consequence for their behavior right away, tell them you’ll let them know later what you are going to do about it.

Always follow through with the consequences you set forth. 

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