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Friday, December 27, 2013

Love and Logic Days #22, 23, & 24

Day 22

"Highly skilled teachers get kids to attempt difficult things. Then, this wonderful transfer effect takes place and the kid says, 'I wonder what ELSE I can do!'"

Love your kids? Remember to let your face know

"I'll know you are ready for ______ when you are being really responsible in other areas."

"Kids learn better from mistakes when we stay quiet and let the consequence be the 'bad guy'."

When we set limits for kids, they can get angry for a while.
When we DON"T set limits for kids, they can stay angry for a lifetime.

"I am my kids' leader - NOT their unlimited service provider."

"Love and Logic techniques help me figure out what I CAN control instead of what I WISH I could control."

"This year, I will spend more time playing WITH my kids than shopping for them."

Day 23

"When I feel like yelling, I'm going to whisper."
"I cannot make the roads perfectly smooth for my kids.
But, I CAN prepare them to handle rough roads."

"I love you enough to set limits and tell you 'no'."

"I have learned that a small change in MY behavior can make a big difference."

[Parent asks child who has caused a problem]:"What do you think you need to do?"
[Child responds]: "Say sorry?"
[Adult responds]: "That's a great START."
[Child gets the gift of thinking about some logical solutions].

"Slow down... enjoy... and remember what it's all about."

Day 24

Pampered children seldom grow up to lead happy lives.

Parents who pamper their children steal away their child’s ability to achieve through struggle.

Never allow children to make decisions that affect others.

Never allow children to make a decision unless you are willing o allow them to live with the consequences of that decision.

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