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Friday, July 12, 2013

Histamine and Cough

So to help with the fullness in my ear and the dizziness I experience from Meniere's Disease, I have tried 3 different drugs.  The first was a diuretic.  It made me more dizzy, and I had several other side effects with it.  The second was some drug that dialated the blood vessels, it was like a blood thinner.  It gave me weakness, weird vision, headache, and a number of other bad symptoms.  This third drug they have tried is a liquid histamine.  It causes this cronic dry cough.  At night I cough all night to the point of near vomiting.  During the day I cough up green chunks.  My head feels a bit congested too.  I am the only one out of five in my family with the cough.  When researching I found that histamine can cause this type of uncomfortable cough.  So I guess this med is not going to work for me either.  There isn't much more that the doctors can do except to inject into my eardrum this Gentamicin.  This is supposed to do something to help the balance problems.  Kinda scares me to be honest.  So today I stop the histamine, and go back to being dizzy again, until I can decide what to do, or get brave enough to have a needle stuck in my ear drum.  Just can't keep coughing like this.

Update:  I took two or three days off of the histamine, then I took one dose of it at night.  I woke this morning with a dry and scratchy throat.  I think I'll skip today or tonight, and try a dose of it tomorrow night, if my throat feels fine, and I'm not coughing.  I do feel less dizzy from this medicine, but it certainly is not worth the awful cough, and the crud that I cough up.  Hoping to find a happy medium with this medicine.  I want to try some essential oils that are supposed to help, but they are really expensive!  

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