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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Love and Logic Day #8

Day 8

Empathy allows us to remain the 'good guy' while the child's poor decisions remain the bad guy.

It’s ok to take a firm stand on a desired behavior.  Your voice needs to sound firm, NOT angry!  Tone of voice and body language.  Demand responsible behavior.  Look your child in the eyes, stand tall, and do not tremble or quiver.

Rehearse, mentally  your new techniques before trying them out on the children. 


While shopping remember that we as adults touch and examine products.  Our children are trying to learn to be big, by copying adult behavior, hence the reason they touch everything in the store.  Learning through modeling.

Tell children to touch only those things that he can afford to pay for.  Spend time practicing which things touch and handle and how to handle those items.  Give positive praise when they touch and handle things properly.  Before shopping have a brief review.  Teach, practice, reinforce. 


It is impossible to control the thoughts and actions of another person. 

Set up situations in which the child or person decides it is best or in their best interest to do as asked, (coming to dinner for instance or waiting till breakfast to eat).   

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