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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Love and Logic Day #19

Day 19

“Love you [pause] too much to fight about this."
~Said lovingly, but without a lot of emotional energy

Safe driving responsibility on teens shoulders.  Financial responsibility. 

Never buy your teen a car. 

Teens pay insurance, gas, wear and tear on car.

Have teen call insurance agents. 

Teens leave a cash deposit of the amount of the deductible for your insurance if driving your car. 

Never pay for a teens ticket. 

Be firm about driving under the influence. 

Don’t inconvenience Mom when she’s on the phone.
Mom is the most important person in the house.

When children inconvenience you on the phone they get to do the chores you would normally do, since they took your time and energy away from your personal time.  If children inconvenience you on the phone, ask the person on the phone to hold, have children wait while you are on the phone in their room or in the family room.  When you are done, then have them pay you back by doing extra chores.

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