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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chocolate Cake

Photo by:  Rumsey Liebes

Any box chocolate cake mix. 
Replace the oil for Fat Free Vanilla Chobani Yogurt.
Replace the water for Fat Free Chocolate Milk.

This cake came out flat when done.  I didn't have to shave any off the top, so that I could stack them properly.  If I would have had some, I would have added a box of chocolate pudding to the cake mix.

I frosted the cake with chocolate fudge frosting, 2 cans. 
1 Can in the middle of the two layers of cake, and one can for the top and sides of the cake.

Put Recee's Pieces on the top and border, if I would have had another large bag, I would have put them on the side of the cake too.

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